These double chambered continuous Impregnation plant are specially designed to ensure high quality of Impregnation at a much faster rate than that of the conventional type. Here, both the chambers, in turns can be used as Impregnation as well as storage tanks where by, we not only get increase in capacity, but also save on time as well. Thus in a way this full-fills the duty of a bigger plant. The tanks are fabricated from M.S. plate of appropriate thickness and are fitted with leak proof lids with handles. Two viewing ports are provided on each tank for observing the process under light. Each tank is provided with a vacuum gauge, vacuum line valve and air leak valve. At the bottom, Impregnent admittance valve, drain valve and inter transfer valves are provided. The unit is mounted on angle iron stand for facilitating smooth and easy operation.

Shenovac double stage high vacuum pump driven by most reliable electric motor is supplied with each unit to create vacuum of required degree.

A specially fabricated liquid trapping cum filter assembly is incorporated between the vacuum pump and chambers to check the backflow of oil and chambers to check the backflow of oil and Impregnent in case of sudden stoppage of pump due to failure of electricity or otherwise.

Thermostatically controlled heating arrangement for chambers can also be provided if desired for achieving better quality of Impregnation. Heating helps in driving out the gases trapped in fine pores and capillaries of the components or lying in between the layers of windings. It is also good for maintaining optimum viscosity of Impregnent..


(Ultimate vacuum at the intake with McLeod Gauge)

For these models, heavy lids to be lifted & held aside with the aid of built in jack system PHDPL

Model No. Chamber Diamensions Dia. X Ht. (mm) Capacity ltrs. Required Rotary High Vacuum Pump.
Model FAD lpm hp
SV-IP-1 300 X 400 30 SV-2-200 200 1
SV-IP-2 350 X 450 50 SV-2-200 200 1
SV-IP-3 400 X 500 80 SV-2-200 200 1
SV-IP-4 500 X 600 120 SV-2-300 300 1
SV-IP-5 550 X 650 160 SV-2-300 300 1
SV-IP-6 600 X 750 200 SV-2-500 500 2
SV-IP-7 750 X 1000 440 SV-2-800 800 3
SV-IP-8 1000 X 1250 1000 SV-2-1200 1200 3