SHENOVAC Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps are single stage, oil lubricated vane type with inbuilt oil-circulation and anti-suckback system.

The main assembly of the pump comprises of a dynamically balanced rotor with three or four specially treated fiber vanes which is mounted in a stator. When the rotor is made to rotate with the aid of the connected electric motor, these vanes move in & out of the slots by centrifugal force & slide against the walls of the stator pushing thereby the trapped air out of the stator & prompting

the atmospheric air to gush in spontaneously to fill in the empty space. This continuous process happening at a high speed, gives rise to an unbreakable stream of Vacuum and Pressure. The oil circulation system is so designed that after providing lubrication to all the vital components of the pump, oil travels ahead without contaminating the air and gets automatically collected in its original chamber for re-circulation.


These models are quite versatile and find their applications in Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries for Distillation, Evacuation & Filtration and is suitable for host of other general Vacuum applications like Holding, Conveying, Glass Blowing, Lamination, Labeling, Paper Feeding, Vacuum Forming, Blister Packing, Bottle Filling, Vacuum Sealing & Food Processing etc.


  1. High Pumping Speed
  2. High Water-Vapour Tolerance
  3. Dynamically Balanced Rotor
  4. Built in Oil Circulation System
  5. Air Cooled
  6. Built-in Anti-Suckback System
  7. No Oil Mist / Fumes
  8. Low Noise Level
  9. Low Power Consumption