SHENOVAC Water-ring Vacuum Compressor (Liquid Ring) Pumps are of rotating positive displacement Pumps. These pumps are not only used as Vacuum Pumps but can also be used as Compressors too. The Pump compresses gas by rotating a vaned impeller which is mounted eccentrically to the axis of the Pump casing. Sealing water forms a moving cylindrical ring against the inside of the casing. This creates a series of seals between the impeller vanes and liquid ring.

Gases drawn into the Pump through an inlet port get trapped in the impeller cells, are compressed and goes to the second stage where they get compressed again, due to reduced volume caused by the rotation of the impeller, are discharged through exhaust port. Further, the process will allow the pump to automatically invent the quantity of liquid that will be discharged through exhaust port thereby removing the heat of compression from the Pump.

The Main Casing and almost all the components of the Pumps are made from Cast Iron except the shaft and impeller. However, to meet specific applications, we can offer the Pumps & their components with special materials like SS-304/SS-316 on request.

SHENOVAC Water-ring Vacuum Compressor (Liquid Ring) Pumps are available in Two Stage. The Two stage pumps are much better choice if we handle solvents at higher vacuum level at 720 mmHg subject to provision of the sealant water level is below 30 deg C & pressure at the site is 760mm Hg.The technology in Double Stage Water-ring Vacuum Compressor is designed to operate at vacuum levels upto 720 mmHg.


  • Trouble/Maintenance free performance
  • Prompt after sales service
  • Manufacturing with High Quality material & Study construction
  • Affordable costs
  • Vibration free & Low Noise
  • High Suction Capacity & Oil free compressed air
  • Almost all gases & vapours can be pumped and the pumped gases can be saturated with vapour
  • Advanced design & technology in manufacturing process
  • Available as per specifications within a short span of period.
  • Ready availability of spare parts


SHENOVAC offers a wide range of Water-ring Vacuum Compressor (Liquid Ring) Pumps, having a capacity from 81 m3/Hr to 1080 m3/Hr (For details, please refer to our catalogue). These Pumps are ideally suited for Solvent (vapour) recovery, Breweries & Distilleries,Pharmaceuticals, Chemical,Plastic, Metallurgical, Power Plants, Furnaces, Cement, Fertilizer, Tiles & Ceramics Industries,Garment & Textiles, etc. The Pumps are also suitable for host of various other applications such as,Extrusion, Dehydration, Vacuum Impregnation, Conveying, Priming, Filtration & Sterilizationpurposes etc.